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Sanyo projectors
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IMPORTANT - Please note that Sanyo was purchased by Panasonic and Sanyo projector's are now Panasonic branded


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supply projectors to UK businesses and educational establishments since 1999.  We by supplying Sanyo projectors as they were one of the best quality projectors on the market at that time.  The first one we sold, which was to a school, cost £4,500+VAT.   Better projectors now cost £300+VAT.  The first exhibition that Wedgwood exhibited at was in Lincoln and we were also seling 17" Sanyo LCD monitors which at the time cost over £2,000+VAT. was set up dedicated to Sanyo projectors sales in 1999.  Since then, Sanyo have been bought out by Panasonic and there are no new Sanyo projectors.  The main Wedgwood website has comparison charts of most business and educational projectors on the UK market. 

On this site you can find details of 177 Sanyo models we supplied over a 10 year period on this site, so that people with old models can find specifications and the original Sanyo PDF datasheet.   

Sanyo old projector information  

We still supply lenses and replacement lamps for most models of Sanyo projectors.  One of the features of Sanyo installation projectors was the multitude of lenses that were available to suit large venues such as theatres and conference halls.